How Smilelove works

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two ways to start

預訂3D掃描或提供Impression Kit。

Visit a scan center

We have scan centers across Hong Kong. Buy our Fast Track Kit, and make an appointment for a fast and friendly scan. 

visit a scan center

We make it easy with an impression kit

We can also send an Impression Kit to make molds of your teeth. After you make your impressions, send it back to us.

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leave the rest to us

When we receive your impression or scan, our professional staff create a Preview of your teeth after finishing with Smilelove Aligners.

Once you approve the preview, we create your aligners (usually takes two weeks). We then send your aligners by mail, and you wear each one for about two weeks. On average our customers take 6-7 months to finish their plan.

A few ways to pay:

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before & after

treated cases

Our dentists and orthodontist have successfully treated over 100,000 cases.