9 Myth Busting Facts About Teeth Straightening and What they Mean for Your Smile

9 Myth Busting Facts About Teeth Straightening and What they Mean for Your Smile

July 25, 2018

Admit it; when you're watching TV you sometimes, if not more than sometimes, envy how beautiful and straight the teeth of those actors and actresses are. You might even find yourself wishing you could have a smile like that, but then you figure it would be too expensive to get straighter teeth. However, a future smile filled with perfect teeth may not be as expensive or unlikely as you might think.

We all want straight teeth, but most of us are filled with myths and false information about teeth straightening and we just never get around to it. Here at Smilelove, we’ve dispelled nine common teeth straightening myths to give you the truth about your smile.

  1. Invisible Aligners Are Expensive

Let’s just put this myth to bed immediately, invisible teeth aligners are 75% cheaper than most other teeth straightening treatments. That means straight teeth are not as expensive or as inaccessible as you previously thought. Teeth aligners are an effective alternative to braces and give you the straighter smile you’ve only been dreaming of until now.

2. You Have Visit An Office

This myth seems to make sense, but orthodontists are not the exclusive purveyors of teeth straightening products. In fact, the whole point of teeth aligners is so you can begin teeth straightening at home.

3. It's Too Late to Straighten Teeth

This myth couldn't be further from the truth! At Smilelove we believe everyone deserves a beautiful smile. About 20% of orthodontic patients are in fact adults. Straight teeth aren't just meant for the young, nor is teeth straightening at home limited to kids in middle school.

4. It Takes Years to Get Your Teeth Straight

While complex cases can take time and require an orthodontist, if you’re a candidate for invisible aligners you could have straighter teeth in less than a year. On average Smilelove creates 15-20 different aligners which are worn for 2 weeks each.

5. Teeth Aligners are Uncomfortable

While slight pain might occur for the first couple of days of when you first put on your aligners, you will not have to deal with most of the pain and discomfort that comes with having braces. Teeth aligners are designed for your specific teeth, so they fit snug against them. Braces have brackets, wires, and spacers that can scratch your cheeks and cause soreness, while teeth aligners do not.

6. They Will Stain Your Teeth

Because teeth aligners can be taken out of your mouth, no bracket glue is necessary for straight teeth. Braces can stain your teeth after years of having metal attached to them and being unable to properly brush them, but teeth aligners let you start teeth straightening at home without any of those worries.

7. Teeth Straightening is Only a Cosmetic Thing

Straight teeth are more than a cosmetic thing. In fact, an aligned jaw and straight bite are healthy. With straight teeth, chewing, biting, and speaking are all improved. Teeth straightening is a great choice for a better smile and a healthier lifestyle.

8. You Can Eat Whatever You Want with Aligners

This myth is true! Because you can take your teeth aligners out when it’s time to eat, you never need to worry about breaking your metal brackets on foods or worry about the other stresses included with having things glued onto your teeth.

9. Aligners Protect Your Teeth from Cavities

Not quite. Teeth aligners are created to work conveniently with your day-to-day life, so cleaning and flossing your teeth are much easier than with metal braces. While the aligners don’t add any specific cavity prevention they do make it easier than braces for you to prevent cavities.

Now that you've got your facts right about teeth straightening, learn how Smilelove can help your teeth by contacting us today. Reach out to learn more and to pick up an impression kit to begin your teeth straightening at home.